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Starting to get life in order now!

2013-06-16 09:06:20 by Trollfriend

Okay the last couple of days have been all go.
Been doing a lot of stuff on my blogs and getting lots of followers on Tumblr. People have been liking my art, and I've been working on more paintings/drawings.
I've just got my results in - I PASSED ALL OF THEM!! Which now also means that I get to go on a holiday to Thailand, instead of doing re-sits.
I've begun working on my animation. Progress is very slow. But it's still going somewhere.
Been looking for a job. Hopefully will get a job in the local amusement park, which sounds like a lot of fun to me!

This summer is looking really good. :)


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2013-06-17 12:14:21

Dude, you got another fan and your in the Art Portal! Congrats. You deserve it.