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Rack Rack

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very good indeed. Most definitely worthy of the art portal. I love the colours! Too bad I can't scout you until you've got 4 submissions! :( Can't wait to see more!

Watching Watching

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Are you still using only the mouse? If so, I'm impressed. Must take forever. How'd you get your shadows on that? Did you just draw them with line tool and then fill it with colour, or did you put another layer in and offset it or something? It just seems pretty spot on! ;)
I think you should give it some colour. Make that eye crazy scary or put some emotions into it?
OR you should draw the eye as if it's wearing glasses... and then it's like your Gentleman Doctor, just watching, and scaring the stuff outta you!

RogueRobot responds:

Yeah, it's just with the mouse. You'll be surprised how quick and easy this was to make though. I mostly relied on the smoothing in flash. It took me approx. 7 min. don't want to underestimate the time but It didn't take long. The eye was really quick, it was the shadows I fidgeted on. It was all done freehand, (if you count the smoothing in flash free hand). The shadows where just drawn on another layer and had some parts erased off and moved for them to look right. I don't really want to add any color or anything crazy. I like it how it is. Simple and subtle, yet off-putting. This was just a burst of the moment kinda thing and I really like how it turned out.