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Furry Potato Face Furry Potato Face

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I totally loved this!!! In my opinion, this is one of the best/funniest animations I've seen in a long time! It's not often that I laugh out loud, but this made it happen.
I really love the animation style (that guy's mouth is crazy), it's clean and flowing. Good use of colour.
The audio is awesome too, very clear, although I had to turn up the volume at the end with the carrot. And I love the accents - it's nice to hear some slightly original voices rather than the same old accents.
Background was simple and effective, unobtrusive.
I gave this a 5 star last night, but I've just wached this again and was horrified that it is ly sitting at around 2.5 stars! That's crazy. People clearly aren't giving this the attention it's due.
Well done, I look forward to seeing more! And hopefully people will give it more stars, as this is front page worthy.
~Transmission Ends~

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JihadGrandad responds:

Jeepers, very kind words indeed, thank you! Audio is still a bit of a confusing bugger at the moment but in due time! Yeah, I found the 2.5 stars thing kind of funny but you can't please everyone, if I threw in some kind of pokemon references then who knows, nevertheless thank you very much!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow! Probably the best animation I've seen on NG yet. Certainly the best in a loooong time! Where to start? The idea of the dystopia is not a new one, but I love it, it fascinates me! It's so futuristic, but also part of it is what we have here and now in this world.
The contrasts between rich and poor are portrayed so so well here. The elite society is always bright and light and there isn't much detail put in, but this works to show that they're 'flawless'. Whereas the poverty stricken side is dark and gloomy and filthy. The backgrounds are so incredibly detailed and atmospheric. It really draws you in, and makes you feel the depression of the characters. I just loved the style of art and animation. It's original and refreshing!
The music was really effective as well, quite subtle for the most part, adding to the atmosphere in just the right way. And it was also moving in the right amount too, stirring up the anticipation/emotion.
Wow! I can't get over how much effort went into every little detail in this, I can't touch on it all, but it's incredible! It almost felt like I was there - the only thing missing is the sense of smell.
The ending was pretty poignant, and saddening, but also apt. I was kind of hoping for a different ending, where he fights his way out and finds his girl, and (somehow) bring down the dystopia. But yeah, I kinda knew that wouldn't happen, and it's probably a bit cliché. But still, I wanted your character to be happy. It's a great example that you're able to draw in the viewers feelings towards your character. You've illustrated his emotions so well, that we are drawn to him. And that is a little bit of magic that most animations don't produce - and some people won't really appreciate it, they're just here to see funny stuff.
I really appreciate the effort that you guys have put into this. It really is a work of art. I commend you all! You should be immensely proud. And I hope there are more like this to come!!?
~Transmission Ends~

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Cosmic Voyage Cosmic Voyage

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nicely done! I liked the atmospheric music at the start and your use of lighting was pretty good. At the start I was thinking there wasn't much colour in any of the scenes and it needed more, but the end obviously makes up for that! I like that you have your own animation style, it doesn't look like you're trying to copy anyone. And it was a sweet song at the end! The end is what I see when I listen to Magic Pie. Keep up the good work! :D
~Transmission Ends~

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Sad Movie 3D Sad Movie 3D

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Not 3D and not good

It just so happens that I was given a pair of 3D glasses in Uni 2 days ago, and also the cinema type when I saw a movie the other day. Neither of the 3D glasses worked. So therefore I would presume that it is not actually 3D.
And seeing as there is no plot other than weird pictures and stupid noises, I deem this flash to be a waste of time! At least try to put some effort in next time.
Although if it is your birthday soon, then hope it's a good one. It still doesn't change facts though... This is bad.

~Transmission Ends~

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the water cycle in 2 mins the water cycle in 2 mins

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Needs more detail.

I know what you're on about here... Hydrosphere, right? I did geography too. But there is just not really any description of any processes if, indeed, you intended it to be an informative flash. So need more on water processes in the cycle... percolation, deep-basin flow, evaporation, etc. Because it will be confusing for some people to understand what happened! I found it a little confusing myself because of the missing details!

Also you might want to think about introducing your character more. Shoop? Is he meant to be a water droplet? A little hard to understand because he starts off watching TV then jumps into water and lands a a rivers source??

I did like the use of your buttons and choice of subterranean flow and over land flow.
Good idea. I'd like to see more of this sort on NG. I think you should try to make some improvements and resubmit a more in-depth, informative flash! Good start though!

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planettbomb responds:

the task was to crate a story for 9-11 year olds and thanks

Sandbags Ultimate Dest. Sandbags Ultimate Dest.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

That was cool!

Favorite has got to be Earthworm Jim. Didn't expect to see him there! But funny! Watching kinda hurt my eyes a little but maybe that's from just waking up after a rough night... It was a good idea, killing the sandbag and all. Good variety of sprites. Porabably some of the best sprite work I've seen so far actually. Nice.

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Joeylicious responds:

Well, I thank you for liking my piece :)
And the collab thanks you for enjoying!

My Cemetery My Cemetery

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Good first submission

But it's a bit boring, nothing really happens. You leave it waaay too long before the little bit at the end where the hand comes out. I was about to exit because I thought it was just a loop of weird music and floating leaves (which it mostly is). Cut down on the non-essentials: only a little music and drifting fog sets the scene, but then go into the action so it doesn't drag on!

I gotta say that the colours are nice though. And movements are smooth. As I said it's a good first. Probably waay better than most peoples first submission!

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Mrs. Butcher Mrs. Butcher

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very Funny!

Yeah I'm loving all your submissions! They're all great.
I do agree with IceDragon64 though. I'm Scottish and I found it hard to understand most of that. I think it was only Mel Gibson who had that accent... Haha. But it's not that bad. I think it's funny when people try to do Scots accents, although there are many different accents in Scotland, (just like in the US) and it's not often I hear Scots accents (so I welcome them... as long as they're not taking the piss) on any flash or some of the other ones you use. It gives it a bit of cultural variety.
Also love the characters. Damn, he's got one hell of a nose on him!

nightmare :&amp;lt;&amp;gt; nightmare :<>

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I was just getting ready to shit myself. And now I don't even understand what happened! Totally unexpected! But funny. Nice one.

The Stranger Forest The Stranger Forest

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I am totally and completely blown away! So much so that I feel I must write a review and give it 10/10! On top of my 5! And I don't write reviews for nothing.
Firstly I LOVE abstract, weird and wonderful work, and THIS had loads of it! It shows originality and ingenuity, as well as the interesting creative characteristic side of yourself. From the very beginning - even without speech/dialogue or subtitles - I knew what was going on. I understood what was happening. I would expect most people to understand it too unless they are without imagination & creativity. (I won't bother recounting the story in my review - people can see for themselves)
The music fit in with the animation very well, contributing to my understanding of the animation and just the general quality of it all. Although at one stage near the beginning, the music was a little irritating (an annoying beeping) but it passed just a couple of seconds after I heard it. I think Alexander did a good job and it was a good idea to have it custom-made to your animation (another unique aspect of this)!
The animation itself, was smooth and flowing, the timing perfect. The colour! Wow: it was so dark! And yet so bright... (I shall explain myself). I think almost every scene had a grey or black part of background, but it was not the kind of grey, flat, depressing dark which I so often see on Newgrounds. The darkness portrayed emotion and depth of atmosphere. The thing that strikes me most is how the darkness brought out so much colour! The colours of the forest contrasted with the darkness added a whole lot more feeling. They were so vivid - I could easily picture the place in my head, and this also helps the viewer understand the place, because they can picture it in their minds, as if they were there - in touch with the scenery.
I've no idea whether you came up with the storyline yourself or whether you got it from some other source of inspiration, but it was a very original piece of work. Quite sci-fi too, futuristic, but not to the point that it was akin to anything else I've seen. It is one of a kind. So, great storyline!
To sum it up, I'd say: very enjoyable, simple and easy to follow, it's fresh, and basically, it is a masterpiece work. Well done. We can see a LOT of time, effort and care was put into this and I, for one, appreciate that. You can definitely be proud of yourself.

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