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Happy New Year!

2014-01-02 17:46:38 by Trollfriend

Sorry, it's been ages!

I've been working on my final project at Uni. And been researching and now got a dissertation and 4 exams to do. Things are busy! I'll try do some art at the end of Jan. Animation has completely halted almost before it begun. Got myself a lady friend to spend some time with.  :) Happy New Year Everyone!! Hope it treats you well. ~Transmission Ends~

Okay the last couple of days have been all go.
Been doing a lot of stuff on my blogs and getting lots of followers on Tumblr. People have been liking my art, and I've been working on more paintings/drawings.
I've just got my results in - I PASSED ALL OF THEM!! Which now also means that I get to go on a holiday to Thailand, instead of doing re-sits.
I've begun working on my animation. Progress is very slow. But it's still going somewhere.
Been looking for a job. Hopefully will get a job in the local amusement park, which sounds like a lot of fun to me!

This summer is looking really good. :)

Last final exam tomorrow!

2013-05-30 14:17:49 by Trollfriend

3 exams down. ONE TO GO!
Tomorrow's exam - 3rd year Structural Dynamics in Civil Engineering. I started revision today. I think I may be fucked. But I'm almost past the stage of caring. It's a 3 hour exam, and I just honestly can't wait for 12pm to arrive, hand in my paper, and say fare thee well & fuck off 3rd year engineering! Hoping to hell I can pass tomorrow, but I think it's unlikely to learn a whole semester's work in one day! I am, however, perpetually optimistic, though I pretend not to be. I am so fucking tired though. Been revising for 2 solid weeks now (for the other exams). Every day, all day. Lack of sleep is getting to me.

I'm just gonna head in to the library tonight until midnight or 1am, get home, sleep, wake up at 6am, go over notes, and then go to the exam and destroy it.

Then tomorrow I can start my new art ideas and begin my animating in earnest!

Wish me luck.
I'm gonna crash and burn! :D


Last final exam tomorrow!

So little time so much to do!

2013-05-14 15:02:44 by Trollfriend

Ah ye gads!! The exams are creepin up on me. Breathing down my neck with a cold, clammy, stinking, fetid, blackened, cloying whisper, saying "Hey, come at me bro."

And my stack of revision is sitting there trying to creep me out.



So, life just got better!!

2013-04-25 16:18:52 by Trollfriend

That girl I was talking about. The girl I can't stop thinking about, no matter what I do, no matter what I'm doing...

I asked her out last Saturday. Actually, I wrote her an acoustic song about her. She cried for a bit and then said YES! You hear that, peeps!? SHE SAID YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!
That was the most terrifying and energizing and wonderful and just crazy day I've ever had! I felt like my whole body was bursting with energy and adrenaline, and I was shaking like hell. But man. What an awesome week.

Now I've got the problem of her inspiring me to do sooo much, but I either can't do it cos I don't have the talent, or can't do it cos I gotta revise for exams, or cos I wanna spend all my moments with her. Haha! Oh Life, when will you stop toying with me, you silly thing, you!

I hope you all find something in life that gives you joy and inspiration. And never give up searching 'til you got it! :D


Animating/Life problems...

2013-04-18 15:31:10 by Trollfriend

So my animation is taking a lot longer than expected. There are a number of things holding me back right now. Broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years about 2 weeks ago, and still living in the same flat for another couple of months. It's not that bad, I'm quickly moving my life in new directions, but has slowed things down. I now need to look for a new place to live! Woo!
Also I have to look for a summer placement, preferably with an engineering firm. Time to dust off the CV. Where did I put that? Oh that's right - I don't have one. Shiart.
Then I've got my final exams to revise for, they start in a month.

And to top it all off when I upload a recorded sound file of any kind to flash CS4, I can't seem to get it playing halfway through the recording. Like I need to be able to stop it and start it and stop it and start it again from the new position. I kinda need to do that to be able to lip sync. But at the moment it will play the sound ALL THE DAMN WAY but the animation itself will stop when I want it to! Any ideas what I've done wrong? Have I gone full retard, or is it just a simple setting problem or whaaaaat?

SO those are all pretty bad things in life at the minute. I have one bright thing in my life right now. My muuuuuse! This one girl who has helped me get my life sorted twice now, and encourages me to do all the cool things I've wanted to do in life.
ABOVE ALL ELSE, it is my quest to tell her how I feel about her. Although she may not be into men...

We'll see. And I'll keep you informed. All of my ONE fans! Yay! I have a fan bitches. So also a shout out to RogueRobot! If anyone sees this other than him, check out his art. And then check out mine please! And then SCOUT US BOTH DAMMIT!!! pleasethankyouverymuch!
Some more art coming up soon. Been trying to get used to some software and junk.

Life just took a dump on me. But I am always. In. A. Good. Fudging. Mood!


My introduction

2013-03-19 07:04:01 by Trollfriend

Currently working on my first animation. Got my tablet at Xmas, and now I just need to get the time to use it! My first animation will be a simple introduction to me! Since nobody reads these posts, then no one will have any idea what my deal is! Let's see how long it takes for me to make this shit. It's gonna be hard I guess, and I dunno if I wanna do it frame by frame, or use symbols. I'm thinking frame by frame for now...

On another topic: Fuck. Field trip next week. Hydrology - standing in rivers, in winter. Yay.


Exam results in! YAS!

2011-02-19 08:20:10 by Trollfriend

Results are in! Check it out!!

Electronics 15A/20 CAS
Engineering Mathematics 17A/20 CAS
Computer Aided Design & Engineering Management 19A/20 CAS
Fundamentals of Engineering Materials 19A/20 CAS

And the day of my Materials exam also happened to be my birthday AND the one day I forgot to bring a calculator!! I was scared shitless and thought for sure I'd fail. Especially when I had to calculate the rise of the earth's ocean level for a given change in temperature! Not all that hard in theory. But hopeless without a calculator! How the hell did I get 19A/20 CAS!?? Oh well!! I'm not complaining!! :D

That's made my week! Too bad it's Saturday... :P
Got any good news to share? Feel free!
Check out my Art submissions too!



2011-01-26 10:54:01 by Trollfriend

Exams are all over for now. Just gotta wait til March to see if I have to do any re-sits. Hopefully I have passed em all. And new term starts monday. Still haven't gotten round to doing any half decent animating. In fact have had absolutely no attempts at it since being here at uni! :( Gotta get myself a tablet or something and start trying things out! Cya soon.


Wow... haven't made a post in aaages! Mostly due to the fact that nobody is going to read them anyway! But I'd like to share with the world that since my last post, I have been to University for my first year studies in Engineering. It's pretty hard. I'm probably going to fail because I don't do enough work. It's so hard to get motivated! Exams in January, the week of my birthday! Yaaaaaa- sucks.
Anyways, back for the holidays! So that just leaves me to say: